Research Development

The policy of our development

Research & Development is like the lifeblood of a corporate. As one of the world motorcycle leaders, KYMCO has put forth constant efforts in R&D with a global vision.

The KYMCO R&D Team

The KYMCO R&D Team was established in 1978. Since then, KYMCO has invested significantly in Research & Development, aiming to provide products that serve beyond consumer satisfaction.We spared no efforts in recruiting the best talents and installing the latest computerized integrated design and testing equipment. Our efforts in research, development, testing and modifications ensure that our customers share with us the fruitful result from our R&D Team.

Possessing the Most Innovative and Immaculate Developmental Equipments

In order to manufacture the most perfect and immaculate products, KYMCO places its investment in the most advanced designing computer software and the full set of refined monitoring equipments, through a series of stringent tests and alterations by professional engineers, our powered products are able to meet the acquired standard and enhance customer's satisfaction.

Procedures in Development of Design Process Model

Through the process of developing simulated design, by employing both simulated constructional management and the patent technology of innovative research simultaneously, KYMCO is able to manufacture, with rapid speed, both powered products and technical service required by the market.