Production Quality Control

Stringent Quality Control

KYMCO continuously searches for the way to make the highest quality products possible. We aim to achieve quality beyond international standard. Because we pay attention to every manufacturing process in detail, we are able to make excellent quality products that win recognition from our customers

Automatic Manufacturing Process with

From molding, forging and casting, to gear machining, engine assembly, wielding, and painting, KYMCO has built an integrated manufacturing system that is facilitated by our CIM system.Our experts and technicians are able to take advantage of this computer system, combined with their manufacturing know-how, to increase productivity and achieve outstanding quality. It is no wonder KYMCO was the first to receive the renowned National Quality Awards in Taiwan.

TPM - Total Product Management

In searching for the finest quality, KYMCO employs the TQM (Total Quality Control Management) in its administration and manufacture.It introduces and promotes the TPM system through the application of an overall product management to attain the objects of reducing the costs, preventing any potential damages in the whole operational system, and establishing a beneficial operational structure. In the near future, KYMCO will be targeting at the goals of a maximized business scheme, the challenge of a 'zero defect', and a lifetime pursuit in fulfilling customer's wishes.

The Establishment of Global Production System

The company has developed KYMCO as a global brand expanded its market to the five continents. In 1993, KYMCO started to expand our manufacturing site to Mainland China and Indonesia. KYMCO's products continued to win recognition for its quality overseas. We believe that KYMCO is on its way to become the best friend of consumers worldwide.