Environment Humanity

To create the working environment that there are no environmental pollution and social effects of pollution by personnel's participation, continual improvement and obeying statutory and regulatory requirements.

Environment Friendliness

To demonstrate our determination of being environment friendliness and long-term management, and also to reflect upon global prospect of environment-friendly production and consumption, our factory in Lu-chu will advocate international environmental management.This activity allows KYMCO to dedicate itself to improving environment and equipping itself to the challenges incurred by different environments worldwide. KYMCO’s environmental strategy confirms its duty and belief of environment-friendly productions, and makes promises of maintaining environmental strategy on the management level.Together with the continuous improvement of the Lu-chu plant’s environmental management, KYMCO will be able to establish a long-term management since it is able to generate more profits from environment-friendly products and improve the environment continuously.

Environmental Management

Lu-chu plant] is in charge of the mechanical extra work process and heat treatment of KYMCO. Over the years, they have produced excellent quality products, for example, gears, shafts, cams …etc. In the near future, due to Lu-chu plant’s leading production techniques and its efficiency of implementing environmental management system, it will be an excellent model among factories of the related industries worldwide.